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Reclaimed Threads’ Tote Bags and a quick product update!

Now that Christmas and the post Christmas sales are officially over, all of the holiday items have been taken down from the Reclaimed Threads’ shop. Customers can now enjoy getting back to basics with a nice variety of tote bags and pins. There are a variety of finished clutches that are scheduled to be photographed and uploaded to the store within the week. Trust me, you will want to see these clutches, they are adorable! Make sure to follow Reclaimed Threads’ on Twitter (RECLAIMEDTHREAD) for announcements as to when they are all online!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is settling into the new year happily!

Here are a few photos of what is in the shop and what can be expected soon! (forgive some of the poor photography!!!)


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September 2009 Flyer

I have decided that, as an inexpensive means of promoting my business, I would make some of those tab flyer to put in cafe’s, college campus and community centers, etc. I think I will go for a road trip today and spread them around so if you live in MA keep a look out for them. Hey,even feel free to print some out yourself and spread them around! I’d send you the file, why not!?


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I am happy to announce that Reclaimed Threads at www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com/ is now open for business!

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL! Free handmade Reclaimed Threads coffee/tea cozy, a $10, value, with purchase while supplies last! These cozies are wonderful, I use mine all the time. This is my way of saying thank you for supporting me and I hope you come back soon!

So stop by the store, www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com/, browse through, tell your friends and let me know what you think!

I am looking forward to providing sustainable bags to you and your family and friends for birthdays, holidays and guilt free shopping stops! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any question or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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So tomorrow is the big Grand Opening…

I have everything ready to go for tomorrow’s  Reclaimed Threads Grand Opening! The only thing that is giving me a hard time is finalizing the pricing  for shipping and handling. I am looking all over for the best price for you! I am leaning towards using the US Postal service but am now going back and forth between flat rate boxes or my own packaging. We will have an answer by the morning and I promise the result will be the best price I can manage as a small business! I hope everyone is out there telling their friends and family about the opening being tomorrow and to stop by and browse through the shop!! I am working on the Reclaimed Threads Facebook Page now and will update about that later here.

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Reclaimed Threads is many important steps closer to opening up shop!

I have finished up a dozen more totes, found an online second-hand fabric supplier at http://shop.secondchancefabrics.com/main.sc, as well as have a good friend on the look-out for unique buttons, may have finally found a local company to make my sew-in labels and chose the first charity to be donated to!

The bags are turning out very nicely! I was given a lot of this very big, very floral patterned fabric that I was a little taken aback by, thinking it was a bit loud. But beggars can’t be choosers in this game and I knew I had to make it work. It’s like what we used to say to the kids that I worked with at an extended day program during this past school year, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset!” I love it though, working with fabrics that I wouldn’t normally choose to buy. This is because it really allows me to get creative and come up with one-of-a kind pieces that you will really enjoy! It has also taught me to step a little out of my comfort zone when choosing what I buy. The colors and textures are turing out to be so fun and chic.

The very big, very floral material

The very big, very floral material, wait until you see the bag! So cute.

When it comes to buying my supplies, I prefer buying everything locally but Second Chance Fabrics is a new company and I just love the direction that she is taking it. In an email to me, the owner explained that she gets a lot of her fabric from estate sales and from people she knows, all smoke-free environments. None of the fabric has been used to make anything else, but everything is second-hand so I feel fine buying supplies here to make Reclaimed Threads sustainable bags! She is in business to serve your quilting needs but material is material to me as long as it is good quality and second-hand!  I just thought that she has a great concept and wanted to share!

I have also enlisted my good friend Amy, http://www.amysgreenportfolio.com/home/, to go on the hunt for cool buttons. She moved to Sweden last summer after getting married and is now working as a landscape architect there. When she comes home in December she has promised second-hand buttons from Sweden, so that will be really cool! I’ll keep everyone updated on what she comes up with and when I start using them on the totes!

I finally may have found a local company to make the tags for the totes, I am very excited about this and when I have them in hand I will be able to stitch them into the bags and get posting on Etsy.com! Very exciting.

The first charity to be donated to at the end of the August- October 2009 quarter is Dress for Success. You can find more information about Dress for Success and Reclaimed Threads’ vision on giving back on my “Charity” page and  www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com.

‘Til next time, take a look at the link I posted on Twitter (available in the right column) about good reasons and ways to shop sustainably!

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Welcome to Reclaimed Threads!

You can read up on what Reclaimed Threads is all about on the…(drum rolllll)… “About” page.

That being said, here is an update on where the business stands at the moment. The starting inventory of sustainable bags is almost ready to go up for sale! Next week, I will have a much better idea of when they will be officially posted on www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com.

Reclaimed Threads specializes in tote bags, although sometimes I can’t help taking the time to make a clutch or wristlet! (hint hint wink nudge) So there might be a couple of those in the mix this time around. I just love tote bags though, there are so many ways to use them! Very efficient and sustainable. But there is no reason that a tote bag, whether you use it to tote books to class, files to work, or veggies from the market, has to look bland! So far, this first batch of Reclaimed Threads sustainable bags are available in an incredible rage of fun florals, bright summery solids and warm charcoal grays. These bags will hold you for the rest of the summer straight into the fall!

I am finally running low on material after chipping away at the HUGE box of second hand fabric that I obtained a couple of months ago. I am looking forward to going on the search for some fantastic new material this week. Follow me on Twitter to see what I end up with!

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