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Progress is slowwwwly BUT SURELY being made!

Unfortunately, I was not able to afford the local label suppliers prices for the Reclaimed Threads tags. This will be a detail that I re-visit once I have inventory moving because I would, of course, prefer to buy local! I did however find a company working off etsy.com that supply labels from Hong Kong. They are called Worldwide Label, check them out at http://www.WORLDWIDELABEL.etsy.com. Their prices for high quality labels could not be beat! One thing to be aware of, though, is that when you buy from Worldwide Label you are buying your labels as a “package” and no design specifications are exchanged until a day or two later (remember they are literally a day away from us here in the U.S. so timing will be a little off, which I was not thinking about). So, thinking I did something wrong at check out, I am emailing everyone from Worldwide Label because I did not receive a confirmation email immediately. They emailed back pretty quickly and have been a pleasure to work with, so I feel bad for harassing them. I am looking forward to seeing the labels finished! I would recommend Worldwide Label to anyone starting off, like me, and looking for a good price for a quality product in order to get yourself moving forward. Again, I am disappointed that I had to outsource in order to get a good price, but what can you do when you have a limited starting budget?

Looking forward though…

…I have gotten a whole bunch of great fall fabrics! I am so excited to be making fall bags, it’s my favorite season by a long shot!  I got some nice tweed and some charcoal colored wool among other nice fabrics! These will set the tone for any fall outfit! I am also working on a few terry-cloth bags which will be great for college students and all their shower stuff or it can be used as a nice gym tote (I might snatch one up to use for the gym). I have some seasonal products up my sleeves, yes already. Halloween and the whole holiday season are both fun times to create unique bags, so there will be more on that as those seasons draw closer.

Since I do not have any Reclaimed Threads Sustainable Bags up for sale yet, I will start uploading recently completed bag photos to this blog later in the week. I am looking forward to sharing what I have made with everyone and hope that these tote bags will not only bring you compliments galore but also a sense of responsibility towards the world around you. Check back soon to see some recent pictures!


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