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Not That I Needed Another Reason To Love Starbucks, BUT…

Hi my name is Katherine, and I am addicted to Starbucks…Yes, Yes, I am able to admit it but I’m not looking to change… just looking for the nearest Starbucks.

I know that I can make my own coffee at home, which I do often as well, but I love the whole routine of going to the famous cafe for my one of a kind drink: a double tall, nonfat, cappuccino with 2 pumps of mocha (A.K.A heaven).  I like being able to make small talk with the person at the register and then zone out in la-la-land until my drink is called out and then I can knock over anyone in my path to grab it and have that first glorious sip.

So, this is all well and good on a normal day and sums up why I go and pay a ridiculous amount of money for this drink that I could easily make. BUT, when you are away from home the whole experience becomes even more important because it’s the one routine that you don’t have to disrupt!!! I have skipped over to western PA from my native MA to embark on a few month stay. Here I’m hanging out with my hilarious 90 year old grandmother and wonderful aunt who has been caring for her alone for the past few years. Being with them is really great, but, other things like not having your friends around or being aware of which radio stations to listen to might be tough. So thank God, there are a couple of Starbucks around because I am finding that this is helping me to settle in and meet some of the locals. I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming to PA for more than my usual week stay with a group of family members in tow to distract me. What prompted me to quickly write this is that I just realized that most of the people I have spoken to outside of la mia famiglia are people I met while in Starbucks. (I also realize that this is enormously sad, but it hasn’t even been a week yet) Soooo basically I am thrilled that Stabuckss exists, fosters such a friendly atmosphere (probably fueled by massive amounts of caffeine, but whatever) and lets me be as picky as I want with my drinks so I can be happy and make lots and lots of Reclaimed Threads sustainable bags!

PS  – The barista told me today that Starbucks is coming out with instant coffee…. I don’t know how I feel about this!? Well, they are Starbucks and can do whatever they want obviously 🙂



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September 2009 Flyer

I have decided that, as an inexpensive means of promoting my business, I would make some of those tab flyer to put in cafe’s, college campus and community centers, etc. I think I will go for a road trip today and spread them around so if you live in MA keep a look out for them. Hey,even feel free to print some out yourself and spread them around! I’d send you the file, why not!?


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