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Welcome to Reclaimed Threads!

You can read up on what Reclaimed Threads is all about on the…(drum rolllll)… “About” page.

That being said, here is an update on where the business stands at the moment. The starting inventory of sustainable bags is almost ready to go up for sale! Next week, I will have a much better idea of when they will be officially posted on www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com.

Reclaimed Threads specializes in tote bags, although sometimes I can’t help taking the time to make a clutch or wristlet! (hint hint wink nudge) So there might be a couple of those in the mix this time around. I just love tote bags though, there are so many ways to use them! Very efficient and sustainable. But there is no reason that a tote bag, whether you use it to tote books to class, files to work, or veggies from the market, has to look bland! So far, this first batch of Reclaimed Threads sustainable bags are available in an incredible rage of fun florals, bright summery solids and warm charcoal grays. These bags will hold you for the rest of the summer straight into the fall!

I am finally running low on material after chipping away at the HUGE box of second hand fabric that I obtained a couple of months ago. I am looking forward to going on the search for some fantastic new material this week. Follow me on Twitter to see what I end up with!


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