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Reclaimed Threads’ Tote Bags and a quick product update!

Now that Christmas and the post Christmas sales are officially over, all of the holiday items have been taken down from the Reclaimed Threads’ shop. Customers can now enjoy getting back to basics with a nice variety of tote bags and pins. There are a variety of finished clutches that are scheduled to be photographed and uploaded to the store within the week. Trust me, you will want to see these clutches, they are adorable! Make sure to follow Reclaimed Threads’ on Twitter (RECLAIMEDTHREAD) for announcements as to when they are all online!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is settling into the new year happily!

Here are a few photos of what is in the shop and what can be expected soon! (forgive some of the poor photography!!!)


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Post Christmas ONE DAY Give Away! Get your name in quickly! Winner will be chosen Tomorrow, December 26!!

Post Christmas ONE DAY Give Away:

Want to stock up on some adorable and eco chic Christmas items for next year…for FREEEEE?!?! If you answered yes, then make sure to get your name in for the Reclaimed Threads’ Christmas Clearance Give Away right away! This is a shot gun giveaway so it starts RIGHT NOW and ends tonight (Saturday, Dec. 26) so make sure that you sign up immediately for your chance to win! There are three ways to enter, listed below(just one day! Eeek! what a rush!).

WHAT CAN YOU WIN?! You can win a beautiful pouch bag made from reclaimed cotton and vintage ribbon. These pouch bags are great for gift giving, storing makeup or jewelry… the uses are endless! You also will receive THREE one of a kind reclaimed cotton/wool ornaments: a sheep, with embroidered “fluffiness” and button feet, a dove, a symbol of peace and love, and a stocking, made from repurposed wool and is perfect for a gift card! Both the sheep and dove have an “RT” embroidered into them for “Reclaimed Threads”. This give-away is worth $45! And you could get it for free, what could be better!

The Winner will be chosen tonight, December 26. If you sign up but do not win, do not fret! You can still take advantage of the amazing Post Christmas Clearance Sale is this Saturday, December 26- Sunday December 27, 2009 at www.ReclaimedThreads.etsy.com. You can buy all of your ornaments, reusable gift bags, reusable gift pouches, fabric bow pins and more for very low prices! While you are there, make sure to check out some new Reclaimed Threads’ tote bags! Enjoy!

Get your name in for the give away the following ways:

Guidelines: There are three entry options listed below, feel free to enter using all three! You may only submit one entry per option though. Meaning you can submit once using the first option AND once using the second option AND once using the third option. Now that is a total of three entries BUT there is a bonus entry for Etsians AND if you purchase ANYTHING from RECLAIMED THREADS today you get 2 extra entries. Good luck!


1. Comment to this post but you are only eligible if you fill in your email (it will not be published) while filling out the comment box.*

2. Become a Facebook Fan AND either: send me a message through my Reclaimed Threads’ account, or, Write on my wall “This is my Post Christmas Clearance Give Away entry!!!”* http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reclaimed-Threads/124143768096?ref=nf

3. @RECLAIMEDTHREAD “Please include me in your Post Christmas Clearance Giveaway for one of a kind eco-chic products!”on Twitter* (note that there is not an “s” in my Twitter name, this is intentional).

BONUS ENTRY If you are on Etsy, go to the Reclaimed Threads’ shop, www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com,  and “heart” it (make this shop a favorite of yours)! This you can only do once*

So now you have all the ways to enter so make sure you get your entries in quick!

About Reclaimed Threads: Reclaimed Threads is a sustainable bag company launched by Katherine DeSantis. Katherine is  a 20-something entrepreneur who combined her love of being creative and sustainably conscious to form Reclaimed Threads.  Every item is handmade by Katherine from reclaimed/repurposed, vintage and organic/sustainable materials. There are a variety of bags and products in her shop: www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com.

* If I am not able to get in touch with the winner  by Monday, December 28, 2009, 12PM EST then I will have to chose an alternative winner.


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September 2009 Flyer

I have decided that, as an inexpensive means of promoting my business, I would make some of those tab flyer to put in cafe’s, college campus and community centers, etc. I think I will go for a road trip today and spread them around so if you live in MA keep a look out for them. Hey,even feel free to print some out yourself and spread them around! I’d send you the file, why not!?


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I am happy to announce that Reclaimed Threads at www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com/ is now open for business!

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL! Free handmade Reclaimed Threads coffee/tea cozy, a $10, value, with purchase while supplies last! These cozies are wonderful, I use mine all the time. This is my way of saying thank you for supporting me and I hope you come back soon!

So stop by the store, www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com/, browse through, tell your friends and let me know what you think!

I am looking forward to providing sustainable bags to you and your family and friends for birthdays, holidays and guilt free shopping stops! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any question or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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So tomorrow is the big Grand Opening…

I have everything ready to go for tomorrow’s  Reclaimed Threads Grand Opening! The only thing that is giving me a hard time is finalizing the pricing  for shipping and handling. I am looking all over for the best price for you! I am leaning towards using the US Postal service but am now going back and forth between flat rate boxes or my own packaging. We will have an answer by the morning and I promise the result will be the best price I can manage as a small business! I hope everyone is out there telling their friends and family about the opening being tomorrow and to stop by and browse through the shop!! I am working on the Reclaimed Threads Facebook Page now and will update about that later here.

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Sneak Peek!

I have been finishing up a variety of sustainable bags while I am waiting for the Reclaimed Threads’ labels to arrive. I have been told that they are finished and in the mail as we speak!! Yay! It’s nice that some progress is being made on that front! I am keeping tabs on that and cannot wait until they get here so I can sew them in!

I photographed a selection of finished bags to share with you. I am very happy with this first batch of one-of-a-kind sustainable bags. It has been so much fun putting them together and I look forward to continuing to make bags for all of you.

The possible uses for these tote bags are endless! The flexible design allows for all bags to be easily folded for storage between uses and for travel. Not only will you love these bags, but, your children and grand-children can enjoy throwing their school, sleepover, dance or gymnastics stuff into them as well. Since every bag is truly one-of-a-kind and ranges in colors and patterns, there is something for everyone!

I hope that this sneak peek will have you as excited as I am for Reclaimed Threads Sustainable bags to be coming onto the market soon! I love that I can offer you a product that is unique, sustainable and helps support a range of charities. The tote bags will begin to show up on etsy.com as soon as possible. My estimate is that this will be within the next two weeks. I cannot wait and hope that you will all return to have a look at what’s new and tell your friends! I will be updating this blog with photos of completed products each week to keep everyone in the loop!

SO, are you ready for your sneak peek?! I have showcased each type of bag in its own post so you can comment on each if you wish. There are the Patricia, Elizabeth, Muriel and Diana tote bags as well as a couple of clutches. We will start with a look at the Patricia Tote tonight and one additional type of bag will be unveiled each day for the following four days. Enjoy!

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Progress is slowwwwly BUT SURELY being made!

Unfortunately, I was not able to afford the local label suppliers prices for the Reclaimed Threads tags. This will be a detail that I re-visit once I have inventory moving because I would, of course, prefer to buy local! I did however find a company working off etsy.com that supply labels from Hong Kong. They are called Worldwide Label, check them out at http://www.WORLDWIDELABEL.etsy.com. Their prices for high quality labels could not be beat! One thing to be aware of, though, is that when you buy from Worldwide Label you are buying your labels as a “package” and no design specifications are exchanged until a day or two later (remember they are literally a day away from us here in the U.S. so timing will be a little off, which I was not thinking about). So, thinking I did something wrong at check out, I am emailing everyone from Worldwide Label because I did not receive a confirmation email immediately. They emailed back pretty quickly and have been a pleasure to work with, so I feel bad for harassing them. I am looking forward to seeing the labels finished! I would recommend Worldwide Label to anyone starting off, like me, and looking for a good price for a quality product in order to get yourself moving forward. Again, I am disappointed that I had to outsource in order to get a good price, but what can you do when you have a limited starting budget?

Looking forward though…

…I have gotten a whole bunch of great fall fabrics! I am so excited to be making fall bags, it’s my favorite season by a long shot!  I got some nice tweed and some charcoal colored wool among other nice fabrics! These will set the tone for any fall outfit! I am also working on a few terry-cloth bags which will be great for college students and all their shower stuff or it can be used as a nice gym tote (I might snatch one up to use for the gym). I have some seasonal products up my sleeves, yes already. Halloween and the whole holiday season are both fun times to create unique bags, so there will be more on that as those seasons draw closer.

Since I do not have any Reclaimed Threads Sustainable Bags up for sale yet, I will start uploading recently completed bag photos to this blog later in the week. I am looking forward to sharing what I have made with everyone and hope that these tote bags will not only bring you compliments galore but also a sense of responsibility towards the world around you. Check back soon to see some recent pictures!

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