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Reclaimed Threads Business Update! October 2009

Back To Work After A Death In The Family

Hello, Hello.

This is my Nanny 1919- 2009

This is my Nanny 1919- 2009

Unfortunately my grandmother, aka Nanny, passed away a couple of weeks ago. All of the chaos that unfolded after, family flying in from everywhere, etc,  has kept me away from the computer. I have, however, been doing some sewing, buying and planning during this time. That being said, I AM BACK! I have all sorts of great new tote bags coming out soon that I am really excited about.

New Equipment and Materials!

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I got the mother of all sewing machines! It’s the new Singer Professional 2010. It is a great machine but with my luck one of the prongs in the power outlet, within the machine, broke off into the power cord?! Figures, so now I am down one machine and up lots of eager customers! Things could be worse though of course.

I have stocked up on all sort of materials over the last few weeks; I blew through my original fabric stock quickly. We have been going through my grandmother’s huge home and  have found a whole bunch a fabric from all over the world! From fabric samples straight out of 1950’s  NYC to silk from Asia. We’ve really found an amazing mix of high quality textiles. I obviously got my knack for nice fabric from my Nanny! I also bought some great vintage fabric off of Etsy.com and was given a whole box full of relatively new fabric that someone decided they weren’t going to be able to use the way they had planned. So I am all stocked up with great fabric and notions!!

Interfacing Dilemma Solved!

quick pic of one of my new bags, made from a fabric sample, cotton interfacing and blue cotton interior

quick pic of one of my new bags, made from a fabric sample, cotton interfacing and blue cotton interior

I have been struggling to find some sort of alternative to synthetic interfacing so commonly used today. I came across some organic cotton interfacing (they only have a limited supply though) and regular 100% cotton interfacing. Both only come in the fusible variety of interfacing and I do not know what is in the glue, but, I figure it is still better than the synthetic interfacing. Using the interfacing is making the quality of my bags increase so much more than I thought it would. Higher quality bags means that they will last you longer so overall this is the most sustainable option for the company and I hope that you all agree! I also came across some cotton and bamboo batting, I’ll play around with that too once I build up some more inventory!

Getting Out There!

The idea that I need to get my products out into boutiques and into markets has been reinforced repetitively over the month that I have been selling my tote bags online. Tote bags are definitely a product that people need to see and touch before they buy from you for the first time. Once people have bought a tote bag from me in person then I am confident that they will feel comfortable buying another from my online shop and recommending Reclaimed Threads Sustainable Bags to their friends.

So now they key lies in getting out into the brick and mortar market place! I am looking forward to this and if anyone has any advice about where to start looking for stores that might want to carry my sustainable tote bags, how to price products for wholesale or how to market yourself then drop me a line! I love hearing from all of you and find that I get some of the best advice this way!

I’m also starting an online picture account so that I can share more pictures of fabrics that I come across, finished products and Reclaimed Threads in action (sewing, buying, at fairs, etc). So I will be sure to reference to that on Twitter as I update it with pictures!

To Wrap Up

I am excited that the company is already evolving and improving! I cannot wait to get all of the new bags finished and up for sale because they are turning out so nicely and I am really proud of them! I love that life has worked out so that I can be a 25 year old with my own company that reflects my  passions for being creative and living sustainably. I am learning so much and enjoying every minute of work. Creating sustainable tote bags for everyone to enjoy is so much fun and watching someone love a bag that you made with your own hands is extremely rewarding! So things are looking bright and I can’t wait to give everyone another update next month!

‘Til then, remember to stop back and catch the Etsy Shopper weekly feature (picking up again next Thursday, October 22, spotlight on Earrings) and other miscellaneous features promoting sustainable living every Tuesday (starting up again next Tuesday, October 20 with “Halloween Goodies”). Thanks for all of your support and spread the word!

Best Wishes,



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Find me on my new Facebook account!

I am now on WordPress, Twitter and FACEBOOK!

I have created both a User Profile and Page under the business’s name, “Reclaimed Threads”, on Facebook. To become a “fan” of Reclaimed Threads’ Page, as well as befriend it’s user profile, simply search for Reclaimed Threads while logged into Facebook and you will find it!!  (if you are not familar with Pages on Facebook, you need to click on the box that says “Become a Fan” near the top of the page). I would love to have you all as fans and have another fantastic way to convey all that is going on with the shop and products!! I cannot wait for our grand opening tomorrow, September 2 after 12PM to be able to offer up my products for your enjoyment. So make sure to stop by, tell your friends and come back regularly to see what’s new!

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The Diana Tote

These are examples of the “Diana” tote bag. These great bags are lots of fun. The straps on each side cinch the top of the bag together when it is not full. When the tote is nice and full, the straps can easily be unbuttoned and tucked into their loops on each side of the bag. The dimensions H: 13.5”; W: 14”; Deep: 4”; with 23” straps and a pocket inside. Price $32.

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The Muriel Tote

These are examples of the “Muriel” tote bag. This is a nice bag, again, for the school or work bound but in addition the wide bottom lends itself as a perfect market tote. The dimensions for these bags are H: 11.5”; Top Width: 17” ; Bottom Width: 11”; Bottom of bag is 6 X 11” with 24” straps and a pocket inside. Price: $32

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The Elizabeth Tote

These are examples of the “Elizabeth” tote bag. This is a very versatile tote bag. Great for carrying several school books or bringing your files to work and when you are getting away from it all you can use it as an overnight bag! The dimensions for these bags are H: 11” X W: 17.5” X Deep: 4” with 23.5” straps and a pocket inside. Price: $48.

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The Patricia Tote

These are examples of the “Patricia” tote bag. This tote is perfect for running to class, doing errands or just carrying around as a fun everyday accessory. The dimensions of the bags are H: 15” X W: 13.5” with 22” straps and a pocket inside. Price: $25.


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Sneak Peek!

I have been finishing up a variety of sustainable bags while I am waiting for the Reclaimed Threads’ labels to arrive. I have been told that they are finished and in the mail as we speak!! Yay! It’s nice that some progress is being made on that front! I am keeping tabs on that and cannot wait until they get here so I can sew them in!

I photographed a selection of finished bags to share with you. I am very happy with this first batch of one-of-a-kind sustainable bags. It has been so much fun putting them together and I look forward to continuing to make bags for all of you.

The possible uses for these tote bags are endless! The flexible design allows for all bags to be easily folded for storage between uses and for travel. Not only will you love these bags, but, your children and grand-children can enjoy throwing their school, sleepover, dance or gymnastics stuff into them as well. Since every bag is truly one-of-a-kind and ranges in colors and patterns, there is something for everyone!

I hope that this sneak peek will have you as excited as I am for Reclaimed Threads Sustainable bags to be coming onto the market soon! I love that I can offer you a product that is unique, sustainable and helps support a range of charities. The tote bags will begin to show up on etsy.com as soon as possible. My estimate is that this will be within the next two weeks. I cannot wait and hope that you will all return to have a look at what’s new and tell your friends! I will be updating this blog with photos of completed products each week to keep everyone in the loop!

SO, are you ready for your sneak peek?! I have showcased each type of bag in its own post so you can comment on each if you wish. There are the Patricia, Elizabeth, Muriel and Diana tote bags as well as a couple of clutches. We will start with a look at the Patricia Tote tonight and one additional type of bag will be unveiled each day for the following four days. Enjoy!

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