My name is Katherine. I am the founder of Reclaimed Threads. I am a 25 year old with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Resource Economics with a Managerial Concentration. After searching for a job in a down economy for some time, with no luck, I decided to take my fate into my own hands. I have combined my love for being creative and sustainably conscience and paired it with my entrepreneurial drive to start up Reclaimed Threads.

Katherine SewingReclaimed Threads is a line of sustainable bags and accessories. I use all reclaimed, repurposed, vintage and/or organic materials to create a truly one of a kind product to reflect not only your fashion sense but also your sense of responsibility towards the world around you. All of the materials used are from factory remnants, auctions, thrift shops and anywhere else high quality, second-hand textiles can be found. I also get some donations from family and friends every so often which is kind of them and I appreciate. Every bit of fabric is pre-washed before sewing. I adorn many pieces with three trinkets representing the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

dove home decoration

Reclaimed Threads’ Mission is “to provide the eco-conscious consumer with one of a kind sustainable products made of high-quality reclaimed materials, to promote sustainable living and contribute to charitable causes.” Every effort is made, down to what packaging is used for shipping, to stay in line with the business’ mission.

Reclaimed Threads' Tote BagReclaimed Threads Sustainable Bags and accessories are available at: http://www.reclaimedthreads.etsy.com. Stop by often to browse through what’s new!

Keep up with what’s happening with Reclaimed Threads visually through pictures at http://reclaimedthreadsphotos.shutterfly.com/


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  1. Lisa Foster

    Looks very interesting. Look forward to seeing the bags for sale. Best of luck to you!!

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